Judd's Corners

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Judd's Corners

Known more recently as Juddville, Judd's Corners was first settled in 1853 when Connecticut native John Judd purchased 400 acres of land encompassing this area from the Hazelton brothers, who owned much of the township. A log school was erected in 1854, where Judd's eldest daughter, Jane, taught. Over the next two decades a thriving community developed. In 1879, Judd's Corners received a post office. By 1881 the village had a sawmill, blacksmith shop, general store, a creamery and two churches. Population, which peaked in the mid-1880s at about 175 people, began declining by the 1900s. The school that survives today, built in 1903, was originally faced with brick. The school and the Adventist and Methodist Episcopal churches are reminders of a once-thriving community.
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Location: 9000 Juddville Rd.
Juddville, Shiawassee County

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Latitude: 43.0582588, Longitude: -83.9877319

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