Grosse Pointe High School

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Grosse Pointe High School

Completed in 1928, this Neo-Georgian school, with its 134-foot-tall clock tower, is reminiscent of eighteenth century buildings like Philadelphia's Independence Hall. Detroit architect George J. Haas designed the school with the most modern equipment and fashionable accouterments. The school's program of dedication noted that the goal was to "create in appearance an expression in brick and mortar of the idealism of the public school in community and individual life." The hallways are lined with pink Tennessee marble and the doorways are crowned with plaster cornices. Murals in the library, by Edgar Louis Yeager, were commissioned by the Works Progress Administration in 1938. In 1968 the school was renamed Grosse Pointe South High School.
photo of Grosse Pointe High School

Erected 1993

Location: 11 Grosse Pte Blvd
Grosse Pointe Farms, Wayne County


Latitude: 42.3901310, Longitude: -82.9034033

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