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Livingston County Press

The Livingston County Press, one of Michigan’s oldest weekly newspapers, traces its roots to The Livingston Courier, The Livingston Republican and The Livingston Democrat. The Courier, established in 1843 was the county’s only newspaper until the rival Republican began in 1855. By 1857 the Courier had failed. An ardent Democrat purchased the paper and renamed it the Livingston Democrat. It competed with the Republican for thirty-three years before failing in 1890. County Democrats bought the paper which survived until 1928 when it was sold. A 1929 merger with the Republican created the Livingston County Republican Press. In 1937 the name was shortened to the Livingston County Press. The Paper became part of the Suburban Communications Corporation in 1980.
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George W. Lee, who participated in the 1854 organization of the Republican party in Jackson, Michigan, founded the Livingston Republican the following year. As a presidential elector in 1860, Lee was chosen by the electoral college to deliver the result of the Michigan vote to Lincoln. He served as a captain and assistant quartermaster of volunteers during the Civil War. The Republican had several owners prior to 1884 when brothers E.D. and Orin Stair came to Howell and bought the Republican. A year later E.D. Stair managed the Howell Opera House, and used the newspaper to advertise the theater, which promised to "give the patrons of the Opera House first class amusement." In 1889 the Stairs sold the Republican, moved to Detroit and purchased the

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