Nankin Township School District No. 3

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Nankin Township School District No. 3

In 1829 the Abel Patchin family migrated from New York State to Nankin Township and purchased eighty acres of land. Soon after, the Patchins erected a log school on the southwest corner of present-day Warren and Newburgh Roads. In 1837, the year Michigan entered the Union, it became the Nankin Township District No. 3 School. Abel Patchin held many public offices including justice of the peace, highway commissioner, and director of the school board. Three schools were subsequently built on the site of the present school. Although not located on Patchin land, the were each known as Patchin -- or Patchen -- School. In 1946 the original portion of the present school was constructed. In 1957 the district was annexed by the Wayne Community School District.
photo of Nankin Township School District No. 3

Erected 1994

Location: 6420 N. Newburgh Rd.
Westland, Wayne County


Latitude: 42.33093, Longitude: -83.408921

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