The Daniel Carter Family

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The Daniel Carter Family

In 1856 Daniel Carter, who came to the Thunder Bay region seeking pine lands, brought his wife Sarah and daughter Mary to the town of Fremont, present-day Alpena. They were Alpena's first permanent settlers. Daniel participated in the organization of Alpena County in 1857 and held many local offices, including postmaster and township treasurer. The Carter's home served as a boarding house and a meeting place for county officials. Sarah, although unlicensed, was the counties only physician until 1862. Mary became Alpena's first teacher in 1858 and had the first recorded marriage in 1859. In 1873 Daniel Carter deeded land in the southwest portion of town for a formal burial ground. The entire Carter family is interred there, in Evergreen Cemetery.
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Location: 211 N First Ave.
Alpena, Alpena County

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Latitude: 45.06199, Longitude: -83.430999

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