Clinton Grove Cemetery

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Clinton Grove Cemetery

Established in 1855, the Clinton Grove Cemetery exhibits an exquisite array of funerary art in a wooded landscape. This combination of nature and monuments reflects the rural cemetery movement of the nineteenth century, which popularized park-like pastoral planned landscapes in both rural and urban settings. The grounds include a caretakers house, built around 1885, and a Tudor office and chapel building, designed by Mount Clemens architect Theophilus Van Damme, which dates from 1914. Many business and political leaders are interred here as well as veterans of American military conflicts from the Revolutionary War through the Vietnam War. Six thousand burials date from the nineteenth century. Clinton Grove Cemetery is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
photo of Clinton Grove Cemetery

Erected 1996

Location: 21189 Cass Avenue
Clinton Township, Macomb County


Latitude: 42.600280, Longitude: -82.903915

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