Greenwood Cemetery

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Greenwood Cemetery

In 1856 Detroiters Eber Brock and Mary Ward deeded approximately one and one-half acres of land along the Belle River to establish Greenwood Cemetery. As the result of several additions, the burial ground comprised 14.2 acres by 1922. Renamed Woodlawn around 1901, the cemetery is reminiscent of Victorian era perpetual care lawn cemeteries. A draped obelisk and a pedestaled larger-than-life maiden holding a bouquet of flowers exemplify monuments popular during this period. Ohio architect John B. Schooley designed the sandstone public mausoleum, constructed in 1929. The remains of several prominent people are interred here including Sydney McLouth, president of the McLouth Foundry. In 1991 citizens contributed to the Woodlawn Cemetery Seawall Fund which paid for the river wall that protects the cemetery from erosion.
photo of Greenwood Cemetery

Erected 1996

Location: 444 Pleasant St
Marine City, Saint Clair County


Latitude: 42.7244352, Longitude: -82.4954473

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