Riverside Cemetery

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Riverside Cemetery

The first burial in this cemetery occured in 1837, the year Michigan became a state. The previous year, land developer Jesse Crowell had purchased a one and one-half-acre parcel; he later cleared it for burials. In 1842 Crowell sold the land to the Albion Cemetery Corporation for two dollars. The cemetery was enlarged in 1853, 1885 and 1914, resulting in a total of forty-six acres. Reflecting Albion's ethnically diverse population, the cemetery has areas known as "the Russian Section"' "German Hill," and a section for African American World War I veterans. A private Catholic cemetery contains the remains of people from Italy, Lithuania and Poland.
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Originally known as Albion Cemetery and Albion Burying Ground, this cemetery was named Riverside in 1886 by the city council. In addition to a unique array of tombstones. the cemetery contains impressive mausolea, an office, a receiving vault and a fishpond. Riverside Cemetery contains the remains of Albion pioneers and veterans as well as distinguished and notorious citizens. Those interred here include Washington Gardner (1845-1928), who served in the U.S. Congress and as Michigan's secretary of state; and Michigan State Senator Warren G. Hooper(1905-1945), who was shot gangland style before he could appear before a grand jury and testify regarding corruption.

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Location: 1301 S Superior
Albion, Calhoun County

World War I

Latitude: 42.234891, Longitude: -84.753369

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