Perrinsville School

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Perrinsville School

Perrinsville began with a sawmill established by Abraham and Isaac Perrin around 1832. During the next century three one-room schools served area children. The first, a wooden school was erected in 1833 on the Marcus Swift farm. A second, larger one, was built on the William Osband farm in 1843. This building, constructed in 1856 on land purchased from Isaac and Hannah Swift Perrin by Nankin District No. 2, was the first brick school in the township. Classes were held here until 1937 when Henry Ford constructed the nearby Nankin Mills schoolhouse as a replacement. Perrinsville School served as a church from 1948 to 1968. Having suffered many changes over the years, including removal of the teacher's platform, the cupola and the wainscoting, the school has been restored to its 1890s appearance by the city of Westland, which acquired it in 1990.
photo of Perrinsville School

Erected 1997

Location: 31755 Cowan Road @ Warren
Westland, Wayne County


Latitude: 42.339839, Longitude: -83.355466

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