First Universalist Church / Concord Universalists

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First Universalist Church

This Gothic Revival church was built in 1866 according to plans submitted by James and Russell Hungerford and James Dodge, members of the congregation. Box pews and a two aisle floor plan reflect the New England origins of the church design. In 1997 the building was deeded to the Hubbard Memorial Museum Foundation. The church is located within the Concord National Register Historic District.
photo of First Universalist Church

Concord Universalists

After migrating from the East, primarily New York State, thirteen families brought their faith to Concord and formed a Universalist Society in 1854. Society members erected this building in 1866 and formally reorganized as a church in 1870. Early members supported the activities and needs of the congregation by paying annual pew rentals. They included many of Concord's most prominent early civic leaders, merchants and farmers.

Erected 2003

Location: 200 Hanover
Concord, Jackson County

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Latitude: 42.178127, Longitude: -84.643296

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