C.W. Post / C.W. Post Monument

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C.W. Post / C.W. Post Monument

A native of Springfield, Illinois, Charles William Post came to this city in 1891 as a patient at the Battle Creek Sanitarium. In 1892 he opened his own sanitarium and dedicated himself to developing and manufacturing healthy food products such as Postum, Grape-Nuts and Post Toasties. Post considered advertising to be "the sunshine that makes a business plant grow," and he touted his product as "food never touched by human hands."By the time he died in 1914, C.W. Post had amassed a multi-million dollar fortune.
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Cereal magnate Charles William Post was among Battle Creek's most beloved citizens. He built a neighborhood for his workers, an office building, and a hotel known as the Post Tavern. In 1907 he founded Post, Texas. When Post died in 1914 in California, his widow, Leila, brought his body back to Battle Creek for burial at Oak Hill Cemetery. Johannes Gelert of New York sculpted this monument in 1917. An identical one was made for Post, Texas in 1957.
photo of C.W. Post / C.W. Post Monument

Erected 2003

Location: Monument Park
Battle Creek, Calhoun County

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