Diamond Crystal Salt Company

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Diamond Crystal Salt Company

Salt exploration and extraction began in St. Clair County as early as 1863. Several people tried unsuccessfully to make drilling cost-effective. Charles F. and Franklin Moore, Justin Whiting, and Mark Hopkins founded the St. Clair Rock Salt Company in 1866, and eventually turned a profit. When a unique production method (the Alberger process) resulted in exceptionally high purity levels, they changed the name to Diamond Crystal Salt Company. The company prospered under Charles Moore's leadership, General Foods bought Diamond Crystal in 1929; however the Moore family bought it back in 1953. Diamond remained independent until 1987 when Akzo Nobel purchased it. Ten years later Cargill acquired the company.
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Erected 2004

Location: 916 South Riverside Dr
St. Clair, Saint Clair County

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Latitude: 42.8183294, Longitude: -82.4869662

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