First Universalist Church

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First Universalist Church

Liberty Township was organized in 1837. Early settlers, many from New York State, founded the Universalist Society in 1856, They organized a Ladies Aid in 1869 and a school in 1876. The society held services in the school and the Methodist church until 1881, when it built this church at a cost of $2,400. Two days of sermons and "sumptuous" dinners preceded the church's March 2, 1882 dedication. After the dedication sermon, Baptists, Methodists ad Universalists alike donated the funds required to retire the remaining debt. The bell was donated to the church in 1922, and in 1940 the locally gathered fieldstone staircase was added. In 1961 the society joined in the national merger with the Unitarian church.
photo of First Universalist Church

Erected 2011

Location: 2231 Jefferson Rd
Clarklake, Jackson County

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Latitude: 42.118041606, Longitude: -84.37698483

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