Grand Blanc Consolidated School

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Grand Blanc Consolidated School

At the close of the nineteenth century, many rural Michigan school districts were in crisis as people left farms for city and industrial jobs. A 1903 state law authorized consolidated school districts and provided for public transportation to ensure access to more distant schools. Local schools quickly responded and in 1904 nearby Porter and Cook had joined with Grand Blanc. By 1921 the entire township consolidated.
photo of Grand Blanc Consolidated School

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When Grand Blanc became the first consolidated school in the state, it used the schools stat stood on this site and was destroyed in a 1920 fire. Students were originally brought by horse-drawn bus to the consolidated school. It was later mandated that all school vehicles be motorized. The present building was dedicated in 1922 with 350 pupils. Several additions have been necessary as enrollment grew.

Erected 2013

Location: 11920 S. Saginaw St
Grand Blanc, Genesee County


Latitude: 42.923910006, Longitude: -83.62609505

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