Sutherland - Wilson Farm

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Sutherland - Wilson Farm

In the 1805s, Langford (1802 - 1865) and Lydia (1806 - 1892) Sutherland replaced their small log cabin with this Greek Revival house. Farm buildings from that eras were built from locally harvested hand-hewn timber and hand-cut stones gathered from nearby fields. Here the Sutherlands raised horses, sheep, dairy and beef cattle. oxen pigs and crops including buckwheat clover seed, wheat, corn, hay and oats. Other goods produced by the farm included Irish potatoes, butter, wool and cheese. Descendant of Langford and Lydia lived and farmed here for more that 150 years. The Sutherland - Wilson Farm was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006.
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When Langford and Lydia Sutherland moved here from Ontario County, New York, in 1832, they had a log cabin and farmed 160 acres. Four of their eight children attended the Sutherland School; their son Tobias and his son Ernest both taught there. During the 1990s, most of the acreage was sold for development by the last family member to live here, Harold and Mary Wilson. The reaming 4.6 acres were acquired by Pittsfield Charter Township in 2000 with a deed restriction to be known as the Sutherland - Wilson Farm Museum. In partnership with the Pittsfield Historical Society, restoration of the barn, house and outbuildings began in 2002. Barn restoration was completed in 2007.

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Location: 797 Textile Road
Pittsfield Twp, Washtenaw County

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Latitude: 42.199928981, Longitude: -83.74060928

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