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Carl Sandburg

In 1926, author and poet Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) and his family rented a summer home on Lake Michigan, near the town of Sawyer. Two years later, Sandburg purchased several lots in Harbert. His wife Lillian (1882-1977), whom he called Paula, designed and supervised construction of a beachfront three-story home that would become their year-round residence for the next seventeenth years. Sandburg rode the train from Harbert to Chicago to his office at The Chicago Daily Newsas needed. When he stayed up all night writing, Lillian left breakfast and coffee by his office door. While living near here Sandburg completed several books, including a book of poetry called The People: Yes, Stetchen the Photographer, and the Pulitzer Prize winning multi-volume set Abraham Lincoln: The War Years.
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From 1828 to 1945, poet Carl Sandburg and his family lived in a beachfront home near here. When he took breaks from his writing, Sandburg walked the sand dunes or studied Lake Michigan from his deck. Often he entertained friends by singing and playing songs on his guitar. His wife Lillian developed an interest in farming, and in 1935, purchased a small herd of goats. They named their property Chikaming Goat Farm after an early Native American tribe in the area. As Lillian's goat breeding increased, the herd earned national recognition for high milk production. Seeking a milder climate, the Sandburg family moved to North Carolina in 1945. In an interview for a local newspaper, Sandburg said, "I've traveled from coast to coast... and I find Harbert best of all. Lake Michigan is beautiful and I love this spot."

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Harbert, Berrien County

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