Cook Family Cemetery, The Cook Family

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Cook Family Cemetery

On May 22, 1831, the Presbyterian Church in Newark, New York, formally dismissed twelve of its members who where moving to Michigan and organized them into a new church. The new congregation became the Saline Presbyterian Church. Among them where Peter Cook (1776-1861), His son Jacob, and their families. They and their neighbors had begun to use this land as a cemetery by 1837. Most of the people buried here were members of the Cook, Kellogg, or Kanouse families.
photo of Cook Family Cemetery

The Cook Family

Among the four generations of Cook Family members buried here are Jacob, Peter B. and Webster. Jacob(1800-44) was York Township supervisor 1838-39 and served in the House of Representatives for Michigan's 6th legislature in 1841. His son Peter (1828-1908) served as township supervisor 1865-72 and as a state representative 1872-74. Peter's son Webster (1854-1908) was the principal of Saginaw High School when he published Michigan: Its History and Government in 1905.

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Location: 9304 Warner Rd
Saline, Washtenaw County


Latitude: 42.15169013, Longitude: -83.7177227

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