Jackson Mine

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Jackson Mine

On this spot on Sept. 19, 1844, William A. Burt, a deputy government surveyor was the first to discover the great Lake Superior iron ore deposits. Peculiar fluctuations in his magnetic compass led Burt to ask his men to seek the cause, and they soon returned with pieces of iron ore from out-croppings in the area. Next year prospectors from Jackson, Michigan led by Philo M. Everett, arrived at the Carp River. Marji-Gesick, a Chippewa chief, guided members of the party in the summer to this region and showed them iron ore in the roots of a fallen pine tree. As a result of this discovery the Jackson Mining Company, of which Everett was a founder, began taking out ore here in 1847. Thus was born the Lake Superior area's great iron mining industry.
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Erected 1957

Location: 820 Maas St. at US-41
Negaunee, Marquette County

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Latitude: 46.5138109, Longitude: -87.6011610

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