Fort Lernoult

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Fort Lernoult

This marks the site of the southwest bastion of Fort Lernoult. It was here, on July 11, 1796, that the American flag was first flown over Detroit. the fort was built by the British in 1778-79 to protect Detroit against possible attack by George Rogers Clark and the American army. Overlooking the stockaded village and named for its commander, Richard B. Lernoult, the fort controlled river traffic and land routes. The fort was not attacked during the American Revolution. However, it was then the foremost British military post in the West, a base for Indian raids against American frontier settlements, and a guardian of the rich fur trade. Although the peace treaty of 1783 gave Michigan to the United States, the British did not evacuate the fort until 1796. In 1812, Fort Lernoult was surrendered to the British, but was regained by the Americans in 1813 and re-named Fort Shelby. The last troops were removed in 1826. The fort was leveled in the next two or three years.
photo of Fort Lernoult

Erected 1964

Location: Fort and Shelby Streets
Detroit, Wayne County

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Latitude: 42.3299728, Longitude: -83.0486986

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