Spanish American War Regiments

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Spanish American War Regiments

This was once the summer camp of Michigan's National Guard. Here in 1898 the five regiments which were recruited in the state during the war with Spain were organized. Ten men volunteered for every one who could be accepted. Two of the units, the 33rd and 34th Michigan Infantry, saw action in Cuba during June and July, 1898, in the fighting around Santiago. The 31st Regiment served in the occupation of Cuba. The 32nd and 35th remained in the United States. Of the nearly 6,700 men who served in these regiments, 250 were fatalities. Most of these deaths resulted from disease, not battle action.
photo of Spanish American War Regiments

Large light spot in the word 'volunteered' is a bullet hole.

Erected 1958

Location: Island Lake State Park
Brighton, Livingston County

Military History

Latitude: 42.5067016, Longitude: -83.7375998

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