World's Largest Cement Plant

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World's Largest Cement Plant

Portland cement, so-called because it resembles in color stone from the Isle of Portland in the British Isles, was first produced in the United States in 1871, in Michigan in 1896. Because of Alpena's location in the midst of immense limestone deposits, the Huron Portland Cement Company, founded at Detroit in 1907, chose this site for its plant. Cement production began here in 1908. Able management and skilled workmen made this the world's largest cement plant. From Thunder Bay, ships of the Huron fleet deliver cement to all parts of the Great Lakes region.
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Erected 1958

Location: Ford Avenue and Wessel Road
Alpena, Alpena County

Business & Industry

Latitude: 45.0703383, Longitude: -83.4136104

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