Jackson Area

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Jackson Area

Pioneers in the 1830's by the tens of thousands traveled west over the Territorial Road (roughly parallel to I-94). Many of them stopped in the Jackson area to take up land. Jackson County was named after Andrew Jackson and organized on 1832. The principal settlement, Jackson, founded in 1829, was first called Jacksonopolis and later Jacksonburgh. Located near the headwaters of the Grand River, Jackson has always been an important transportation center. One of America's most famous political conventions took place in this city on July 6, 1854, when 1,500 persons from throughout Michigan assembled "under the oaks" and organized a new party which they named the Republican Party. This area is the the home of Michigan's oldest and largest state prison and many diversified industries.
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Location: Rest Area Westbound I-94
Jackson, Jackson County

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Latitude: 42.2925166, Longitude: -84.2148399

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