Le Cote' Du Nord-Est

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Le Cote' Du Nord-Est

After founding Detroit in 1701 the Sieur de Cadillac divided the land northeast of Fort Ponchartrain into long narrow "ribbon" farms each fronting the river. The first settlers thus had easy access to the waterway for irrigation and transportation, and to the fort for defense. The Campaus, one of Detroit's prominent early families, were established along this cote' du nord-est or northeastern coast, for several generations. In 1874 the site became headquarters of Parke, Davis & Company, established in 1866 by Dr. Samuel P. Duffield and Hervey C. Parke and joined in 1867 by George Davis. A subsidiary of Warner-Lambert since 1870, Parke-Davis is a major international pharmaceutical firm with laboratories and offices throughout the world.
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Erected 1975

Location: Joseph Campau along the River. At the Rattlesnake Club.
Detroit, Wayne County

Early Settlers

Latitude: 42.3354632, Longitude: -83.0166167

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