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Officer's Club

The Camp Grayling Officer's Club and the land on which it is constructed were given to the state of Michigan by Rasmus Hanson, a successful Grayling businessman who made his fortune in the white pine forests. In 1913 he also donated 13,760 acres of land for the training of the militia which became known as the Hanson Grant. The Officer's Club, built in 1917, has since served as the focal point for the social and formal functions of the Michigan National Guard Officer Corps. Reminiscent of the architecture that is typical of southern military structures, the colonnaded veranda and symmetrically spaced dormers set into the low hipped roof are common to militia camps and army posts erected at the turn of the century.
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Erected 1980

Location: Bldg 311 Howe Road
Grayling, Crawford County

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Latitude: 44.6230369, Longitude: -84.7912144

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