The Welfare Building

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The Welfare Building

The Welfare Building was constructed in 1906 as a recreation facility for the workers of the Glazier Stove Company. It featured a swimming pool, a billiard hall, a basketball court, a theatre and a reading room. Chelsea native Frank P. Glazier, who was Michigan state treasurer from 1904 to 1908, founded the stove company in 1891. Because Chelsea, a predominantly rural community, lacked skilled labor, most of the company's workers commuted weekly via a special train from Detroit. In 1907 Glazier declared bankruptcy. The building was sold to the Lewis Spring & Axle Company, which manufactured the short-lived Hollier Eight automobile. Since 1960 the building has housed the Chelsea Standard.
photo of The Welfare Building

Note: According to an update received from Michelle Rogers, editor of the The Chelsea Standard, the newspaper has not been housed there since 1995.

Erected 1986

Location: 300 North Main
Chelsea, Washtenaw County

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Latitude: 42.3194982, Longitude: -84.0196716

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