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Governor Kim Sigler

Kim Sigler (1894-1953), a native of Schuyler, Nebraska, received his law degree from the University of Detroit, in 1918. While attending law school, Sigler worked at Henry Ford's Highland Park plant. He first practiced law in Detroit, where he worked in the office of Edwin Denby, former secretary of the Navy, and Judge Arthur Webster. In 1922 his family moved to Hastings. A democrat at the time, he was elected Barry County prosecutor for three successive terms. In 1928 he unsuccessfully ran against Wilber M. Bruckner for attorney general. In the late 1920s Sigler took office as city attorney, serving in that capacity for over ten years. He returned to private practice and moved to Battle Creek in 1943.
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Kim Sigler's vigor and courtroom manner led to his selection as special prosecutor for a grand jury probe of legislative graft in 1943. The success of this investigation gave him a state-wide reputation. Though originally a Democrat, he won the Republican gubernatorial nomination and election in 1946. His was one of the largest gubernatorial majorities in the country that year. In office, he created the Department of Administration, effected changes in the Prison and Corrections Department and revitalized the unemployment compensation program and the Public Services Commission. However, he faced an uncooperative legislature and division within his cabinet. He was defeated for re-election in 1948. He died while piloting his own plane in a crash near Battle Creek on November 30, 1953.

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