The Salvation Army

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The Salvation Army

Founded by William Booth in London, England, The Salvation Army came to Michigan in 1883. When organizing the Detroit corps in 1887 Captain Fink wrote to her British superiors: "This is the Metropolis of Michigan ... a beautiful city, but oh, the sin and iniquity that abound here." The army initially concentrated its efforts near here, in Cadillac Square, a haven for persons of ill repute. Salvationists found their sidewalk ministry hindered by city officials, who in 1901 enacted an ordinance requiring permits for outdoor speaking, parades and peddling near Cadillac Square, which was near city hall. Undaunted, the army ministered to the needy, holding both indoor and outdoor meetings. It became one of the most active and effective missions in the city. In 1902 Detroit became the headquarters of the Indiana and Michigan division.
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Erected 1993

Location: Median of Randolph Street at Congress
Detroit, Wayne County

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Latitude: 42.33065, Longitude: -83.04268

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