Camp Blair

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Camp Blair

During the the American Civil War (1861-1865) one of Michigan's military headquarters was In Jackson. Camp Blair was planned 1863 as a draft rendezvous point and as a center for convalescing troops. Named for incumbent governor Austin Blair, a Jackson resident, it was built on this site to house 2,500 soilders. The 11-acre camp comprised offices, a hospital, barracks, and store-houses. The first troops arrived during the spring of 1864. In the year following the war over 22,000 Michigan troops returned home via Camp Blair. The June 27, 1866, Jackson Weekly Citizen reported demolition of the camp started: "It will only be remembered among the histories of the Great Rebellion." The location of Camp Blair was lost until members of Sons of Union Veterans researched the site site 2006.
photo of Camp Blair

Erected 2007

Location: 1212 Wildwood Ave
Jackson, Jackson County

Civil War

Latitude: 42.2522167, Longitude: -84.4274425

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