Gwinn Model Town

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Gwinn Model Town

William Gwinn Mather, president of the Cleveland - Cliffs Iron Company, oversaw the development of Gwinn in 1906. He was inspired by benevolence, a need to attract dependable workers, and the desire to avoid labor strife. Mather hired Boston landscape designer Warren H. Manning to plan Gwinn as a company town that provided housing and community services for residents. Manning included boulevards, plantings and exterior green space in his design, tenets of City Beautiful and Garden City movements, which were town planning trends of the day. Gwinn became a model for other company towns in the region. The mine closed in 1946 and company-owned properties were sold. Mather's and Manning's "Model Town" of Gwinn is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
photo of Gwinn Model Town

Photo courtesy of Jon Katje.
Erected 2010

Location: Peter Nordeen Park on M-35
Gwinn, Marquette County

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Latitude: 46.278597852, Longitude: -87.43748590

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